Ir Arriba


  • IICA will support the consolidation of a network of AgTechs in the Americas to drive agricultural digitalization

    The commitment was undertaken during Digital Agriculture Week, an event organized by the Institute with the co-sponsorship of Bayer, Microsoft and the World Bank, in which 15 innovative tech startups from the region participated.
  • IICA and CATIE sign agreement to promote sustainable development in the crop, livestock, and forestry sectors

    The two organizations will prioritize actions related to production innovation, agribusiness enterprises, research and technology transfer, biodiversity conservation, natural resources, climate change, knowledge management and skills development for small-scale producers and family farmers.
  • Sonia Murillo, a promoter of fair trade and rural welfare in Costa Rica, is named Leader of Rurality by IICA

    Murillo will receive the “Soul of Rurality” award, an initiative by the agency specialized in agricultural and rural development to pay tribute to men and women who are leaving their mark and making a difference in the rural communities of the Americas, a key region for food and nutrition security and the environmental sustainability of the planet.
  • OAS countries back Director General of IICA’s call for joint efforts to tackle threat to food security caused by surging fertilizer costs

    IICA’s Director General explained that the world market is saturated with chemical fertilizers and many countries in the Americas are highly dependent on imports.
  • Countries of the Americas praise IICA’s capacity to drive collective action and support technical work for productive and sustainable agriculture ahead of COP 27

    These declarations of support were made during a virtual meeting of the Special Advisory Commission on Management Issues (SACMI), an advisory body of the Director General of IICA to strengthen the operating capacity of the agency specialized in agricultural and rural development.
  • IICA inaugurates Digital Agriculture Week, which brings together ministers, senior officials and 15 startups from the Americas with innovations to accelerate agricultural digitalization

    The event, which will be held at IICA Headquarters in San José, Costa Rica, until May 19, began with a roundtable discussion among high-level policymakers.