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Gender equality and the integration of youth in agricultural and rural development processes are fundamental and extremely important issues.

This cross-cutting issue aims to ensure the full participation of women and youth, providing them with equal opportunities and empowering them in all roles, in keeping with the provisions of the SDGs. The goal is to harness their potential and to contribute to development processes that will improve their standard of living and that of their families and communities.

Technical team

Gender and Youth Consultant


  • Joselin Acuña, Headquarters in Costa Rica
  • Mario Arguedas, Headquarters in Costa Rica
  • Norvin González, Headquarters in Costa Rica
  • Tracy Rivera, Headquarters in Costa Rica
  • Silvia Castellano, Spain
  • Carlos Ruiz, Spain
  • Alicia Tortosa, Spain
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  • Comemoração do Dia Internacional das Mulheres Rurais - Fórum "Prioridades na agenda de gênero"

  • Commemoration of the International Day of Rural Women - Forum "Priorities in the gender agenda"

  • Conmemoración Día Internacional de las Mujeres Rurales - Foro: “Prioridades de la agenda de género"

  • María Emilia Undurraga. Ministra de Agricultura de Chile. JIA 2021.

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Technical Cooperation Direction

Ileana Ramírez Quirós

Specialist in Gender and Youth